Go Bananas for Bananas !

The Latest Collectible Craze - Bananas! Your new Smell-able, Squeez-able, Peel-able friends! Get them as singles or in beautiful colored bunches. Peel each scented banana to reveal unique squeez-able characters inside. You’ll love decorating your Banana Crushie characters with gemstone stickers, or connecting your Crushies together on the vine! Not only do you get beautifully colored Banana bunches (6 colors), you can collect all 24 characters in the first Bunch of Season 1 with Rare and Ultra Rare characters.

Bananas friends and accessories each sold separately.

Point of Sales: AEON, SOGO, APITA, UNY, PIAGO, Bookazine, Teens Channel, Yata, HMV, Wonderland, Popular Bookstores, Commercial Press HK, Eslite HK and other Toys Shops